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Lip neutralization ​is for anyone with melanin-rich skin or hyperpigmentation in their lips who wishes to conceal and correct the blue/purple undertones in their lips. The final result will end in a neutralized, even and lighter lip color. This service can take two-five sessions to lighten darker lips and achieve final results. Two sessions are included in the price. 

DISCLAIMER: If you have a history of cold sores or herpes, this service can trigger an outbreak. Please consult with your doctor and take prescribed anti-viral medication prior to appointment. 

  • Second session 8-12 weeks later is strongly recommended.

  • Lasts two to five years. Results vary per person and lifestyle.

  • Great option for those who wants fuller lips, color neutralization or a blush of color to their lips.


Lip Neutralization

  • When checking out, click the PAY LATER option. Before purchasing, confirm that you are a qualified candidate for permanent makeup. 

    Once purchased, please call or text us to book your appointment. Please review our online booking site to review our open dates and times.